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Traveling sustainably

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In its information leaflet “Traveling sustainably”, the University has compiled recommendations and tips that make it possible for employees to take sustainability into consideration when planning their business trips: Information leaflet “Traveling sustainably” (PDF, 184KB)


Traffic light system for University business trips

The University of Bern has implemented a Traffic light system for business trips that determines which European destinations have to be traveled to by train or rather for which destinations the train has priority over air travel. You can find all relevant information here:

  • Details about the Travel light system are laid down in the travel guidelines of the University of Bern: Travel guidelines (PDF in German)
  • Below you will find a list of the most frequently used European travel connections with travel time from Bern per destination and means of transport (train or plane) with the corresponding traffic light categories: Traffic light system: list of destinations.

Video Conferences

The number of kilometers traveled and the associated environmental impact can be reduced by using video communication. Please find detailed information here.