Climate Neutrality 2025

Climate neutrality

The University of Bern’s goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2025 in those areas in which it can exert a direct influence requires careful analysis and the considered planning of measures.

The university's greenhouse gas balance, which the university compiles with the help of an external consultancy, serves as the basis. A thorough analysis of the current situation is necessary to identify those areas in which greenhouse gas emissions are directly or indirectly generated and which the university can influence.

Based on the greenhouse gas balance, reduction potentials can be determined and reduction measures can be defined. Close cooperation with all University stakeholders is of great importance here.

The goal of a climate-neutral university 2025 cannot be achieved with reduction measures alone, but only with the additional compensation of unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions. It is therefore necessary to develop a suitable compensation strategy to supplement the reduction measures and to establish compensation accordingly.